NCAA Tournament Championship 2021: All the Betting Strategies & Tips

NCAA Tournament Championship has become a favorite amongst many United States residents and as such, the love has been replicated in a way the lovers and other residents can make money out of the teams. By predicting the outcomes, a player will stand a chance to make sizeable profits and with the gambling world growing bigger and bigger each day, then why not? But before making profits, a look at the tournament is important and later on, a focus on some of the strategies and tips in ensuring that your bet ends up on the winning side.

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What is NCAA Tournament Championship?

NCAA Division | Men’s Basketball Tournament is a single-elimination tournament in which 64 college basketball teams are incorporated to play on every spring in the United States to determine the national championship. The tournament is also referred to as NCAA March Madness and with it, the teams are got from the Division I level of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The tournament going by its name is normally played in March and has its establishment dating back to the year 1939 where it was founded by the National Association of Basketball Coaches.


For the teams to qualify, the Division I conferences provides 32 teams which receive automatic bids and there are other 36 teams that are awarded at-large berths which are chosen by the NCAA selection committee and the successful ones are announced on an event held in Dayton, Ohio. The event is normally televised and it happens on a Sunday also called Selection Sunday that precedes the First Four play-in games. The 68 teams on board will further be divided into four regions which will be organized into a bracket that will involve elimination and with this when a team wins, the team will know who the next opponent shall be. For the teams, there will be seeding depending on the region from 1-16. When the First Four round finishes up, the tournament will be participated within three weekends with the venues being pre-selected neutral sites in the US.


The rounds that the tournament boasts are as follows;

  • The First Four – Between four lowest ranked at-large teams & four lowest ranked automatic-bid teams
  • Round of 64 (1st Round) – Number 1 seed plays Number 16, Number 3 seed plays Number 14 and they will be played on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Round of 32 (2nd Round) – Thursday’s winners play eight games on the immediate Saturday. Friday’s winners will play 2nd round eight games on the immediate Sunday
  • Regionals Semis (Sweet Sixteen) – Number 1 seed will play lowest ranked. Four games are played on Thursday and other four on Friday
  • Regionals Finals (Elite Eight) – Two games from Thursday winners and two games from Friday winners
  • National Semis (Final Four) – Played on Saturday by the winners in the Elite Eight
  • National Championship – Played on Monday


The television stations that air the games include; CBS, TNT, truTV, and TBS.


Some of the famous teams that are in the tournament include; Vermont, Stony Brook, UMBC, Hartford, Albany, Massachusetts-Lowell, Binghamton, New Hampshire, Maine, Houston, Cincinnati, UCF, Temple, Memphis, Wichita State, South Florida, Tulsa, Connecticut, SMU, East Carolina, Tulane, Virginia Commonwealth, Davidson, Dayton, St. Bonaventure, George Mason, Saint Louis, Duquesne, Rhode Island, La Salle, Richmond and Saint Joseph’s.


The following are the winners in the order of the highest number of titles won;

  1. UCLA – 11 titles
  2. Kentucky – 8 titles
  3. North Carolina – 6 titles
  4. Duke & Indiana – 5 titles
  5. UConn – 4 titles
  6. Kansas & Villanova – 3 titles
  7. Cincinnati, Michigan State, Florida, Oklahoma State, NC State, San Francisco, Louisville – 2 titles

The 2019 title holders are Virginia.

With the necessary NCAA Tournament Championship information, we take a look at the strategies needed for making a potential winning bet

NCAA Tournament Championship : Strategies & Tips

  • What is the team’s motivation in the conference tournaments?

Every team a player finds on his betting journey will have different motivation levels. One thing is that every team wants to win and will try to put the best shift to attain the goal. However, backing too many teams that have secured an automatic-bid might not be the best idea. In many cases on this stage, it is not a surprise having an underdog sprouting a surprise. They give their all to make the Big Dance.

  • Have the team’s performance with you?

This may sound cliché but with NCAA, the players are encouraged to have more than an overall record of the teams they are backing. A tip here is that a player should back the teams that finished the previous season on a high rather than the teams that had crumbled late in the year.

  • How well is their defense?

A game may be decided by the scores and that means that a high-scoring team will more or less take the event. However, teams with defensive frailties are bound to have regular upsets. When it’s not your lucky day in front of the basket, you are bound to crumble as is in this case you need your defensive unit to come through. What’s more, an underdog can use this tactic to hit the ‘favorite’ or rather frustrate them.

  • The event’s location

This goes without saying. Home advantage counts and gives a better advantage as compared to the opponent. However, the distance covered by the visiting team should also be put into consideration as some might be close enough and the support base turns to be diffused in a way. In a neutral ground, the top teams are always seeded at a location near the home.

  • Have a stand

This is one part that hits most of the players. There is what the public views as favorite and there is what the bookies back. Not to discredit them at all as many of the predictions are gotten right but that does not mean that in your betting journey, you can back an underdog and stick by it and allow no one to sway your stand.

  • Have a reasonable pick

The motive behind the betting spree is gaining profits and some go as far as picking as much as 10 events and the potential win value makes them excited. You can bet as low as one and as much as 5 events and chances of winning get high.

  • Building up of your bankroll with reasonable gambling

A very common yet important tip is about the management of money and in many cases, the players are caught up in the excitement of the game and can go forth to bet money that was intended for other purposes. A limit is always advised for all the players and when the going gets tough, a player needs to quit.

The knowledge of the sport is growing and players are getting bigger in the betting world. A player is advised to bet responsibly and know when to quit. Here is everything you should know about the NCAA Tournament Championship , now you are ready to bet!

Last Update: June 2019