NFL Betting Tips & Strategies 2019-2020: Schedule & Release Date

If you are looking for some NFL Betting Tips, then this article is perfect for you. Check also the schedule for 2019-2020 and the release date.

In the American audience, the NFL is a popular sports equivalent to the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga. The NFL, which stands for National Football League, is an American football league and with it, 32 teams are under its belt. It means that fans are treated to 256 games a season. Among the famous teams include; Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and so on. Some of the popular players you will come across will include; Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Antonio Brown. Just like the other sports, NFL boasts a huge following and with such, there is the entry of bookmakers and with them, fans and other gamblers can make money from betting on the games. Below we look at the betting tips and strategies that can be used to ensure returns from the gamblers. In addition, is the schedule and release date of the NFL.

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Schedule & Release Date

One major point to note is that the NFL is released every April. That is roughly four months before the actual season begins. This gives an opportunity to all NFL betting fans to familiarize themselves and make strategies on how to make profits. With that in mind, the NFL schedule was released on Wednesday, April 17 at 8:00 p.m. ET with the season expected to begin on September 5, Thursday which will be the opener. The Week 1 schedule is expected to begin on Sunday thereafter. September 8, Sunday. The full schedule can be viewed here NFL Schedule. With the release out, we take a look at some of the must-watch games of the season;

  • Thursday, Sept. 5, 8:20 p.m. ET – Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears (Kickoff)
  • Sunday, Sept. 8, 8:20 p.m. ET – New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Sunday, Sept 15, 4:25 p.m. ET – New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Sunday, Sept. 22, 8:20 p.m. ET – Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Thursday, Sept. 26, 8:20 p.m. ET – Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Sunday, Sept. 29, 8:20 p.m. ET – Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Sunday, Oct. 6, 1:00 p.m. ET – Chicago Bears vs Oakland Raiders
  • Sunday, Oct. 13, 1:00 p.m. ET – Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Sunday, Oct. 20, 4:25 p.m. ET – Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday, Oct. 27, 8:20 p.m. ET – Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Sunday, Nov. 3, 8:20 p.m. ET – New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Sunday, Nov. 17, 4:25 p.m. ET – New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sunday, Dec. 8, 4:25 p.m. ET – Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots
  • Monday, Dec. 16, 8:20 p.m. ET – Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears

Other interesting facts about the season that fans and players should know are the following;

  1. The season will kick off in Chicago – It is different from most times when the defending champion hosts the first game. Instead, Bears have been given the honors who are celebrating their 100 years of existence as well as the NFL who are celebrating their 100th anniversary.
  2. The first Sunday game will be hosted by the Patriots
  3. Four games will be played in London: Panthers vs Buccaneers, Bears vs Raiders. Bengals vs Rams, Texans vs Jaguars
  4. Only one game will be at Mexico – The game promised is Chiefs vs. Chargers
  5. The Thanksgiving games have been rumored to be Cowboys vs. Dolphins and Lions vs. Bears.
  6. Lots of playoff rematches which will include; Rams vs. Saints (NFC title), Patriots vs. Chiefs (AFC title)
  7. Raiders will have the most difficult schedule

With the schedule out for all the interested parties, formulating a strategy on how to go about the fixtures for the players is very important if one is to record profits. Below are some of the betting strategies and betting tips to remember before placing an NFL bet.

NFL Betting Tips: Betting Strategies & Tips

  • Look at the home team

This is one of the most popular strategies in literally every sport. The reason behind this is simple. The home team will have the crowd behind them and playing in the field that they are used to. There is always that extra level of confidence. However, not all home teams are destined to win. That the team you are backing is at home should not be leeway to instant profit.

  • Finding an edge

With the release being made earlier, players are always advised to find an edge in which they will stick by it. NFL does not require you to be swayed and with the edge, operate with it till it weakens where you will now tweak it to the current trends. As a player, you ought to read every trend the league poses for you to find new edges.

  • Appropriate wager

This goes without saying. For this one, a player needs to go with a flat bet wager in which he/she can manage throughout the season and which he/she can manage to lose. Betting should not turn to be an addiction instead, love the game more

  • Have more than the stats

With the NFL, knowing the trends is always a nice idea and all. In the sport, the score does not always reflect the strength and in most cases, a player needs to research how the previous results were won. There may be cases of defensive back fall that allowed a long touchdown pass and such scenarios. This information will be vital in influencing how you bet.

  • Have the injury reports

With the game depending on the offensive and defensive units, some small change in the team sheet would cause a major bet dimension. A punter needs to know the role they play on the team and the status they play.

  • Never underestimate a team

Many people have always gone with the notion of no underdog can ever win a game. And as such, they opt to always go for the team many bookies have favored or as such, when the team fails, which actually happens in some cases, many players will be on the losing side.

  • Don’t be pushed by the value

The motive behind the placing of the bets is normally to make profits and as such, many players will want to make huge returns. Many results in loading their parlays and teasers and research to make that enticing potential win. Chances of winning a bet with 6 events are much lower as compared to the chances of winning a bet with 2-5 events.

  • Know the different types of bets

Like every other sport, NFL betting requires the players to understand the types of bets offered on the events. The main bets one must understand better include; Moneyline, Game Totals, Prop, Teaser, Parlay, and Spreads.

To sum it up!

There you have it, with the schedule released and with some of the games to watch provided, players can start finding an edge, devise strategies to ensure that when the season starts, they record wins and fewer losses. Finally, players should ensure that they bet responsibly and as always, they should know when to quit.