PA Lottery Fast Games Introduction

If you are unsure what ‘Fast Games’ are with the PA Lottery, don’t worry, we’ve got you. As described on the PA Lottery website, Fast Games are referred to as a type of scratchcard game where the player (you in this case) doesn't actually need to scratch off anything at all. It might seem a little strange at first, but after a period of time, it does become a bit of a less complicated and quicker way of gaming.

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There are a few PA Lottery Fast Games available on this site right now, and throughout this article, we have given descriptions of the games as well as how you can get involved. Please check them all out through the proceeding categories. 

Bloomin Bucks

This game is actually a progressive style jackpot game, and the total amount you could win with this title right now is close to $7,000. This is obviously quite substantial when considering the relatively low cost involved with playing, but just how exactly does this game work?

Now you already know that Fast Games work like scratchcards, apart from you don't need to sit down and scratch off any sort of numbers or symbols. You can purchase a Bloomin Bucks scratchcard for $1, and you will always see your given symbol on the top of the card. You must then look through the rest of the rows (4 in total) to see if your symbol has matched any of the ones in the row.

If you do match your symbol with any of the others, you will actually win the prize that is listed on the far right of the row. This can be anything from $1 all the way up to the grand prize mentioned earlier. While it might be unlikely that you will win the grand prize, the chances of winning a prize at all are just over 4 to 1, but of course, the size of the prize will vary.

The unique feature of this game is the Bloomin Bucks symbol, as if you see this in a row where you have matched your own symbol, the stated prize will be doubled. This is stated as a progressive game as the maximum price increases each time someone purchases a ticket but the top prize isn’t won, much like a progressive jackpot slot game would work. 

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The Money Games

This game is pricier to play than Bloomin Bucks, but the potential prizes are also higher. You must purchase a ticket for $5 to take part, but there are 10 top prizes where the value is $50,000. Unlike the Bloomin Bucks game, however, here you are not given just one symbol and trying to match it to others, you are instead given a series of 7 numbers.

Since all of these are scratchcard style games, you will still need to match your numbers with other numbers in the rows. If you do, you will win the prize that is stated next to the number in the row. The chances of winning a prize here are approximately 1 in 3.57, as indicated on the website. 

There are various symbols shown next to the numbers in the row too, although you only need to pay attention to the dollar symbols. These are where you get the chance to actually win more without needing to match your numbers. For example, if you see 3 dollar symbols on your card you will win $10, if you see 4 dollar symbols you will win $20, and if you see 5 dollar symbols you will win $50.

As we mentioned earlier, the top prize for this game is $50,000 in cash. There aren't any strange or confusing rules for how to get this, for the $50,000 will simply be attached to a number in any of the rows. If you also hold that number in your original set of 7 different numbers, you will win this cash prize. There are only 10 available, however, so the chances of winning this are naturally less than your chance of winning a different cash prize. 

Apart from the 10 available jackpot prizes, there are 20 scratchcards that contain a $5,000 prize, and 99 scratchcards that contain a $1,000 prize, so your chances aren't exactly terrible for this game.

Towering 10$

Towering 10$ has the largest of all the cash prizes mentioned on this list, as the top prize here is $100,000. There are actually 10 separate tickets containing the top prize, which means that there is a total of $1,000,000 up for grabs through this game. Just like the other two games before this one, there are a few unique elements to this game.

You are still given a series of numbers assigned to your scratchcard, but rather than win prizes by matching numbers, you must actually possess all of the numbers in what is referred to as ‘towers’. These towers are columns rather than rows, and there is a prize shown in each of these columns. To win the stated prize, you must have all of the numbers displayed in the column. Each scratchcard contains 10 different towers, which basically gives you 10 different chances of winning.

You must purchase a ticket for $10 in order to participate in this game, which is the priciest of all the games on this list. However, the chances of winning a prize in this game are also higher than the other two games. Your chances of winning on Towering 10$ are approximately 1 in 2.97, which is rather good odds indeed. This essentially ensures that you will get a cash prize for almost 1 in every 3 tickets purchased.

Just like the preceding games, there are smaller cash prizes on offer besides the $100,000 jackpot. There are 20 wins remaining for a $10,000 prize as well as 19 wins remaining for a $5,000 prize, so this game is clearly very rewarding on the whole.