Popular NBA Betting Tips, Tricks & Trends

The names LeBron James and Steph Curry are among the most famous sportspersons that are known globally. Let's see some NBA Betting Tips. They are the face of the NBA (National Basketball Association) which is the most popular men’s basketball league in North America and in the world generally. The league has 30 teams under its belt and you will come across famous teams like; Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and San Antonio Spurs.

The league has boasted and gained a huge following with top celebrities making their way to the sport. It is this popularity that has brought out other ways in which fans can profit aside from loving the sport. Betting being a common activity in the present world has found its way in the sport and people are making money from correctly predicting the outcome of the events. There are different bets one can wager on and expect profits or even losses.

NBA Betting Tips: The Trends

Having two outcomes, the players are attracted and would wish for one outcome which is winning. The article will focus on how players can use various tricks and tips to ensure that the result is on the positive side. However, before we look at the tips, the 2019 NBA finals at the time of writing this piece were between Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors where Golden State Warriors carried the day and the following were the trends in which would influence players who had an interest of placing a bet on the game.

  • Golden State was 42-55 ATS (-18.5) in the total games it had played through the season
  • Golden State was 2-10 ATS (-9.0) on the games played on Sunday through the season
  • Golden State was 52-68 ATS (-22.8) on games involving the teams that had a winning record over the past two NBA seasons
  • Against the defensive teams, Golden State Warriors had a 19-29 ATS (-12.9) which allowed +106 points on the second part of the season
  • Against the offensive teams, Golden State Warriors had a 35-44 ATS (-13.4) which allowed +106 points through the season

While playing teams with a 2nd half of the season winning record since 1996, Toronto had a 216-269 ATS (-79.9)

Understanding such betting trends will allow a player to note the team with more value and what is making a line to move. The handicappers will then deduce the best option from the trends. With the trends also, the players get to pinpoint large money drops. Understanding the reverse line movement which is a line that goes against betting trends.

Popular NBA Betting Tips: The Tricks You Should Know

  • Against the spread – ATS

The ATS stats will come in handy in helping a player find a team that offers good betting value. In 2016, Cleveland Cavaliers had their best finish in Eastern Conference at 57-25 while the ATS record stood at 37-43-2

  • Over/Under

A trend that can easily guarantee you profit by studying the team’s games and how they end up either on the ‘over’ or ‘under’ bar. In the 2016 season, Houston Rockets hit the over bar 46 times as opposed to Miami Heat who hit the under bar 48 times. With such stats, it becomes easy for the players. Other aspects that influence this trend is the pace and possession of the team. For the pacey ones, hit the ‘over’ bar more often rather than the possession built teams who would hit the ‘under’ bar often as a result of playing a slow game.

  • Home & Away

This goes without saying. Most teams have a good home record rather than away records and with a punter, this is another avenue to lay your research on before placing a bet. For the 2019 season, Sacramento finished with the 3rd best home record which was at 45-35-2 with +1.1 ATS. For the away record, they took 18th position with 15-26-0 with +1.0. Definitely one of the most popular NBA Betting tricks.

  • Post huge win for the favorites

A team that is from a huge win may restrict you to place a bet on a team to cover a double-digit spread. Statistics show that since 2003, the teams that had a win on the previous game with over 15 points go on to cover the spread on the next contest at the rate of 43%

  • Travel schedules

For this, there is less of numbers and a travel schedule can also play a part in your bet. A tip is looking at the team that is nearing a finish of a long trip and that is given a spread favor.

Those are some of the trends & tricks you can use to ensure that your bet ends up on the winning side. With that in mind let us look at some of the general betting tips that you can apply.

First things first, the sport is referred to as the easiest to place a winning bet and with that, the excitement gets high. The following are the tips to remember;

  • Bankroll Management Plan

This goes without saying. Betting is addictive and with the two outcomes, win and loss, players can end on the losing side and will want to recover the lost money. One fact that you should note is that no losses should be chased and as a player, one needs to have limits on the money he/she can bet. And when the going gets tough, you should quit.

  • Have the necessary information

Apart from the travel schedules and the home advantages, a player should also know the fitness of the players as some of the key players may be missing through injuries or through other means. Having to go through the line-ups and getting to know the team’s frailties like the offensive and defensive records is an avenue that should deduce a good bet slip.

  • The road teams can be favorites

In as much as the home advantage counts, there are teams that are better on the road and with necessary information and trends, this would not be a trouble in understanding it. There is a term underdog in which the players need to put them into context as surprises are always sprung on the sport

  • Identify a type of bet

In betting, you should not be a ‘jack of all trades’. One needs to identify a market or type of market in which he/she can specialize. With such, you are not lured by markets you don’t understand. identify bets like Spreads vs. Money lines, Straight bets, Parlays, Full-game bets, First Half/Second Half or Quarter Bets

  • Do not bet on all games

Many punters get to bet with certain greed and no matter how much you think you know the sport, do not bet on all the games provided. One ought to be selective and place on the teams that he/she has studied the trends well.

  • Keep watch of the new kids

With the sport acquiring other players, there is always an effect. Some teams may bring a better player that changes the whole trend and that is something a player should be careful about and redo the homework.

With the betting NBA tips, let us look at some of the mistakes on NBA betting

  • Avoid exotic bets like props
  • A popular figure should not influence your bet as such
  • Media and bookmakers should not be the final say on how you should bet
  • Ignoring the high importance of coaching
  • Betting irrationally
  • Doubling your bets in cases of winning or losing
  • Not setting limits on how much you will bet.

With the NBA betting trends, tips and mistakes highlighted, you are ready to make a winning bet and enjoy the benefits. A point to note always is that you should bet responsibly and know when to quit.