Soccer Betting Strategies & Types

Sports betting has become a common norm among many people in the world. With many bookmakers making their entries in the industry, many people have been incorporated and made new accounts with them. But what is the hype around it? Do people know what is soccer betting and how to make money? Below we explore.

What is Soccer Betting?

Soccer betting is an online activity in which the players can correctly predict a soccer game beforehand with some money and can expect to make a profit out of it. With it, some players have participated in the activity for fun and to others, they have made it more of a ‘career’. A point to note is that there are two sides of betting. The good and the ugly. The gaining of profit side and the incurring of losses side. But with soccer games being played on a daily basis in the world, what ensures that one records profits and not losses? Below we look at some of the strategies that will make you a happy gambler.

Soccer Betting Strategies

For any activity one undertakes in life, there is a result expected thereafter and it is not different from betting. No one is in the industry to lose his/her money. For a person to understand the soccer betting industry well, these are some of the strategies to be remembered.

  • Set a limit

In the betting industry as a whole, this is one of the most important strategies. Betting is addictive. Players will only want to chase profits and no one at any time wants to lose. As a result, many chase the money they have lost. What this means is that a player will lose his/her $20 but instead of logging out and declare it a ‘bad day in the office’, another deposit is done to recover the lost $20. Imagine the cycle if he loses the second time. Many platforms have come up with measures to curb this and among them is providing the limit option in which players can set their own limits. From time limits, deposit limits, loss limits and more. One golden strategy is never to chase your losses.

  • Bet on what you understand

In the soccer betting industry, you will find many markets being provided. not all players understand all the markets. An event can have close to 100+ markets and it only takes a good gambler to make profits. The markets can be enticing with the odds and all that but another strategy is betting on the market you are familiar with. If you are familiar with Half Time/Full Time, Handicap, 1×2 and Both Teams to Score, just deal with those. Betting is all about luck but even luck needs a strategy.

  • Gather information

A player should not bet blindly. You will need to understand the team you are betting on perfectly. From the form, statistics, head-to-head to the line-ups. Those are some aspects that are very important in making a potential winning bet.

  • Have a strategy

Yes. There are many ways of killing a cat. Every successful punter out there has a different plan on how they approach the markets. This is normally more of a secret but if it works for you, then be comfortable with it and proceed on. Some will prefer to place a bet at half time, others will prefer to place a bet after watching the first few minutes. Others will favor an underdog and so on.

  • Identify a bookie

This is another strategy that will work well for the punters. All bookies are not the same. Some have fewer but reliable markets, others have features that others lack like the in-play betting, cash-outs, live streaming, others will have fast payouts and others will prove more reliable. A player needs to see which one fits him/her.

  • Know when to quit

Last but not least, this is the most important strategy. It might not work out for you. Do not say ‘Gamblers don’t quit’. When the going gets tough, take a break. If you find yourself rooted deep in the industry, you cannot socialize, you cannot provide anymore, you are spending your bills money, it’s the high time you quit before you get addicted.

Soccer Betting Rules

After the strategies, there are few rules you need to understand before placing a bet. They include;

  • Always have a look at the home side team – statistics show the teams seem to have a 50% win ratio due to several factors like the home support, the confidence at home and for their pride too.
  • Do not borrow money to bet – this is an addiction at its best
  • Always set your goal in profit terms – remember, do not chase losses however
  • Study the odds – understand which are more likely to give a payout
  • Don’t play using your winnings – after a win, relax first. Don’t chase higher and higher profits. What you have already is a profit.

Soccer Betting Types

To get closer to the action, these are some of the bet types you will come across in the soccer section;

  • Match odds

These are normally a reflection of your winnings. You will have them given in different formats like American, Fractional and Decimal. The most common ones are the 1×2 which simply mean 1 (Home Win), X (Draw) and 2 (Away Win). Your odds will be multiplied by your stake and once you are in luck, you will have the winnings + stake awarded.

  • Single Bet

Another common type of bet where you will only make a selection from one event and that’s all.

  • Multiple bets (Parlay/Combo)

For this, you will have more than two events in your selection and all must win for you to be awarded the projected returns.

  • Double

As the name suggests, this will be a bet comprising of only two events and all must win

  • Treble

For this one, there will be three events and all are expected to win for you to be awarded returns

  • Accumulator

Like multiple bets, this type will have more than four events and all must win. The risk here is much higher but the returns are more.

  • Correct score

This is a type of bet where a punter will predict the final score of a certain event after 90 minutes of play

  • Goalscorer

This is a type of bet where the punter predicts a player who will score a goal from either time

  • Scorecast

For this one, a punter will have to predict the player to score the first goal and what the final score will be like in 90 minutes. All predictions must be right to win

  • Both Teams to Score

For this one, all the teams must have at least one goal each in the 90 minutes of play for you to be awarded the returns

Those are some of the popular bet types you will find as you play on the bookies.

To sum it up!

Betting may seem fun and all but it is only fun when you are making profits and when it does not replace your daily activities. To make a potential winning bet, have a strategy, follow it, identify a good bet type and follow the normal rules and wait for the winnings. Remember, know when to quit!