US Horse Racing Betting: Key Tips & Terms

If you are interested in horse race betting, then this article is perfect for you! Horse racing has been one of the vintage sports that has been described as the sports of kings due to its prestigious nature. With the many years of existence, the sport has gained popularity over time with many people attending the regular events to watch these stallions race.

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Among the sports that boast the highest spectator appearance in the United States is the horse racing events. It is not a surprise that the sport is among the few that have been viewed as legal in the gambling industry. In the States, the popular races include; Thoroughbred horse races over a ¾ mile and 1 ¼ mile. The sport has seen its transition to the digital world and with its entry in the betting world, people have gone ahead to make money. With a good internet connection and a medium of access, players do not have to get into the field or a store to make the bets. One can comfortably bet through his/her phone on the events and expect returns thereafter.

So what does a punter need to know about horse racing? Below we look at the common terminologies you will find as you bet coupled with the types of bets you will come across.

Horse Race Betting Types & Terms

The most basic types of a bettor are going to come across are three and they are;

  • Win – As the name suggests, the pick here is for the horse that will take the first position and the player gets awarded
  • Place – For this, a player will win the bet if his/her horse takes the first or second position
  • Show – For this type of bet, the player will win the bet if his/her horse takes the first, second or third position.

In the above types of bets, the win bet will boast the highest payout as compared to the rest with the show taking the least payouts.

Still on the above types comes an additional bettor can make. The bet will have a term ‘Across the board’. The bet involves betting on win, place and show all on one ticket. For this type of bet, when the horse takes the 1st position, a player wins all the bets which means all the payouts will be paid to him/her. When the horse takes the second position, the player will be awarded the place and show bets and when the horse takes the third position, the player will be awarded the payout on the show bet.

From the basic types, other bets that will be available while betting and they can be referred to as exotic bets or in other cases, combination wagers. For these types of bets, punters are allowed to pick many horses and will be awarded when they take the first four positions. A point to note is that this should happen on the same race. The bets include;

  • Exacta – A player will pick two horses and the bet will be successful when they take positions one and two in the exact order
  • Quinella – A player will pick two horses and the bet will be successful when they take positions one and two in no exact order
  • Trifecta – A player will pick three horses and the bet will be successful when they take positions one, two and three in the exact order
  • Superfecta – A player will pick four horses and the bet will be successful when they take positions one, two, three and four in the exact order
  • Daily Double – This will take place in two different races and a player needs to pick horses to take the first position in both and only then will the bet be successful
  • Pick 3 – Like the daily double but the difference will be 3 races
  • Pick 4 – Like the daily double but the difference will be 4 races
  • Pick 6 – Like the daily double but the difference will be 6 races and this will have the biggest payout as compared to the rest.

A player can also come across Triple Crown Betting which is popular in North America and for this bet, it comprises of three popular races; Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes Races and Preakness Stakes.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse Racing Betting Tips: Key Tips to Keep in Mind

With the terminologies and types of bets understood, we take a look at some of the tips needed to place a winning horse racing bet. They include;

  • Manage your bankroll

This is the most basic and yet important tip for any player. A punter is advised to bet on the amount of money he/she can afford to lose. This means that a player should have limits on the much he can bet. One is also advised not to chase the losses as that can make the player lose even more.

  • Follow the tiers

The horses being placed on are always grouped into tiers that are color-coded and they range from dark green to yellow. The tiers will show the best rated to the worst but that does not mean that the result will be as the tiers may show. Background information is needed and it’s not a surprise backing the grey tier. Definitely one of the most important horse racing betting tips.

  • Track condition

A player will need to learn the track the horse is racing on and this can give a lead into how the bet will operate. Some horses will perform well on the wet tracks and others will give their best shot on a dry track. There is a difference just like the European tracks which have been known for offering a soft turf but when they get to the States, it gets different and the performances are not the same. A player is advised to check the wet records and dirt records to determine.

  • Horse layoff

This is the activity of a horse in the past 45 days. In a case where the horse has not raced in the past 45 days, it is not advisable to bet on it as it is likely that the horse will not perform to its normality. When the horse has been active folate, it means there is a likelihood of the horse performing to the required standards.

  • Medication change

This will lay on the Lasix and Bute. It is said that horses using Lasix for the first time will have a major improvement and for those using Bute which is legal to some of the West Coast races, they can either run well or won’t run at all. The horses that have always done well with Bute and has a sudden change will most certainly not perform to the expected standards.

  • Bet on few tracks

Betting on many tracks is enticing considering the payout promised but a player is advised to bet on few tracks as the chances of winning the bet is higher than the many tracks betting.

  • Dropping of classes

Finally, our last horse racing betting tip that the players should look into. Horses that have dropped the class judging from the last race are not the best to bet for. A player will know if the horse has dropped or gone up a class by looking at the right of the horse’s section at the picks sheet. The horse that will have a green arrow means a drop and the red arrow will mean a rise. A point to note is that the comparison will be purely on the same surface of the previous event and the current one.

To sum it up!

There you have it. Horse racing is a wonderful sport and with the expertise highlighted above, you can make profits. Remember for every betting activity, there are two results. A win or a loss. Discipline is the key to any betting and it will entail betting responsibly and knowing when to quit.